Sziget becomes Artists’ Favourite Festival in Europe

Main organizer and founder, Károly Gerendai, said the following after the ceremony: “Earlier the festival industry and the audience, while now the international artists have voted for us. I am very proud that Sziget has won all categories it was ever shortlisted in. Although we are very happy, this is also a huge resposibility as we have to keep up this confidence. Fortunately our current tends show that the trust of the audience, our Szitizens, is continous and now it’s a great feedback that our international artists love our festival as well. The audience of Sziget is very colorful, who are not only interested in a concert, but arrive to the Island of Freedom to expererience many exciting programs! So, the artists do not only meet their own fans, but a much bigger music-loving crowd.”


In addition, Dan Panaitescu, long-time colleague of the Sziget crew, who tragically passed away last year has received the “Lifetime Achievement” award. The award was handed over to Károly Gerendai and Dan’s life partner. Károly commented the following: “We are very proud and at the same time very sad to receive this award for the work of Dan. However it is great to see how much the international community respected his work and how much they liked him. When everyone is standing with tears in their eyes…these are the times when you realise what a lost it is, that he is no longer with us.”

Events of Sziget Cultural Management were nominated in various categories. Sziget was not only shortlisted in the Artists’s Favourite category, but was also in the competition for the “Best Major Festival” award, while B.My.Lake was shortlisted in the category of “Best Small Festival”.

Source: Sziget Festival



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