A venue to visit: Budapest Park the festival-sized club!

Imagine the largest open air club in Europe with the capacity of more than 10.000 people which has an unquestionable festival-vibe but still with the atmosphere of a small, intimate venue. You got it? This is the Budapest Park!


From the end of April until the middle of September there are almost 100 concerts here but in a huge venue like this there are also several other possibilities to spend time from just sitting there and have a good beer with friends to watching sport games or even enjoying a film in the garden cinema.


Bars, weekly changing food trucks, merch shop, ATM, chillzone, VIP skybox are only a few places to have some fun in Budapest Park but you can even work from here because on weekdays from 11am to 10pm in ‘Nagyszünet’ you can have the leisurely environment with coffee, food, refreshments soft background music and free wi-fi of course.

Budapest Park concerts so far:

International bands

  • 05.13.17 Parov Stelar
  • 05.27.17 Scooter
  • 06.13.17 Simple Plan, Four Year Strong, Mallory Knox, Milestones
  • 06.14.17 Sum 41
  • 06.17.17 Good Charlotte, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Issues
  • 06.20.17 Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley
  • 06.21.17 Thievery Corporation
  • 07.04.17 Foster The People
  • 07.20.17 Marilyn Manson
  • 09.16.17 DJ Bobo 25 years anniversary concert

Hungarian bands

  • 04.27.17 Opening weekend: Irie Maffia, Kelemen Kabátban (alternative rock, and reggae)
  • 04.28.17 Opening weekend: Rúzsa Magdi (pop)
  • 04.29.17 Opening weekend: Majka & Curtis (pop, hip hop)
  • 05.04.17 Margaret Island (alernative pop)
  • 05.05.17 Brains album premiere (electronic pop, alternative dance)
  • 05.06.17 Bëlga (hip hop)
  • 05.11.17 Random Trip album premiere (pop, rock, jazz, funk, electronic, hip hop)
  • 05.12.17 30Y (alternative rock)
  • 05.18.17 Hiperkarma album premiere (alternative rock)
  • 05.19.17 Magashegyi Underground (alternative pop)
  • 05.20.17 Halott Pénz, Hősök (pop, hip hop)
  • 05.25.17 Sub Bass Monster, Animal Cannibals (hip hop)
  • 05.25.17 Y-Production in the Park (psy, goa)
  • 05.26.17 Neoton Família, Dj Dominique (classic pop)
  • 06.02.17 Punnany Massif (pop, hip hop)
  • 06.08.17 Fábián Juli & Zoohacker (alternative pop)
  • 06.09.17 Intim Torna Illegál (alternative rock)
  • 06.10.17 Wellhello (pop)
  • 06.16.17 Vad Fruttik – Original (alternative rock)
  • 06.23.17 Demjén Ferenc (classic rock)
  • 06.24.17 PASO, Copy Con (ska, reggae, pop, hip hop)
  • 07.01.17 TNT (classic pop)
  • 07.06.17 Budapest Bár 10 years anniversary concert (bar music, folk, alternative pop)
  • 07.28.17 Caramel album premiere (pop)
  • 08.04.17 Amorf Ördögök (alternative pop)
  • 08.31.17 Kistehén 15 years anniversary concert (alternative pop)
  • 09.02.17 Quimby (alternative rock)
  • 09.15.17 Vad Fruttik – HighTech (electronic, alternative rock)
Budapest Park tickets >>>




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